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1. Festival March Abundance - Marcus Venables 
2. Festival Arrangement Summon the Warriors Steven Ponsford 
3. Tone Poem Vista Dean Jones 
4. Meditation Now I Belong Steven Ponsford 
5. Selection Witnesses Andrew Mackereth 
6. Song Arrangement Easter Tale Darren Bartlett 
7. Song Arrangement God of Wonders Marcus Venables 
8. Meditation My Name is Written There Kenneth Downie 
9. Tone Poem Everywhere Marcus Venables



1. Festival Arrangement Singin’ with the Saints - Steven Ponsford 
2. Cornet Solo Fantasia for Cornet - Martin Cordner 
Cornet Soloist: Robert Venables
3. Horn Solo Unfailing Love - Ruben Schmidt 
Soloist Barney Lawrence
4. Euphonium Solo Where I Love to Bee - Andrew Mackereth 
Soloist Brendan Rawlins
5. Euphonium Duet The Blessed Saviour - Ruben Schmidt
Soloists Brendan Rawlins & B. Michael Hetherington
6. Trombone Solo Fantasy on Spirituals - Ray Steadman-Allen 
Soloist Barrington Venables
7. Horn Solo As I Pray - Andrew Poirier
Soloist Barney Lawrence
8. Cornet Solo Heaven Came Down - Andrew Mackereth
Soloist Brindley Venables
9. Euphonium/Cornet Duet More Than Wonderful - Arr: Glenn Barlow 
Soloists Brindley Venables & Brendan Rawlins
10. Trombone Solo Jesus Shall Conquer - Kevin Larsson 
Soloist Barrington Venables
11. Cornet Solo Great Is Thy Faithfulness - Andrew Mackereth
Cornet soloist: Brindley Venables  
12. Cornet Solo Kingdom Seeker - Robert Redhead 
Cornet Soloist: Robert Venables



1. Christ the Lord - Marcus Venables
2. Battle Call - Martin Cordner
3. Eternal Life - Marcus Venables
Cornet Soloist: Robert Venables
4. Sleep - trans Andrew Poirier
5. Validus Deus - Dean Jones
6. Guardian of my Soul - Darren Shaw
7. Amazing Grace - Martin Cordner
8. The Warrior Covenant - Nicholas Samuel
9. Hyfrydol - Nicholas Samuel
10. On Course - Norman Bearcroft
Euphonium Soloist: Mark Hall
11. I Surrender - Marcus Venables
12. To the Glory and Praise - Robert Redhead



1. O Holy Night - trs. Marcus Venables 
2. When a Child is born - arr. Andrew Poirier 
3. The Christmas Song - arr. Philip Sparke 
4. Grown up Christmas List - arr. Darren Bartlett 
5. Close Every Door - from 'Joseph' - arr. M. Venables 
6. Ave Maria - arr. Ray Farr 
Cornet soloist: Brindley Venables 
7. Christmas Lullaby - arr. Marcus Venables 
8. Sweet Little Jesus Boy - Christopher Cole 
9. Mary did you know - arr. Darren Bartlett 
10. Shepherds Song - Goff Richards 
11. We are the reason - arr. Barrie Gott 
12. Who would imagine a King? - arr. Darren Bartlett
13. A Great and Mighty Wonder - Kenneth Downie 
14. Come to Jesus - arr. Ryan Broughton 
15. Carol of the Bells - trs. Marcus Venables 
16. Silent Night! - trs. Ryan Broughton 
17. Deck the Hall - Barrie Gott



1. Able (William Turkington)
2. Music for a Joyful Occasion (Kenneth Downie)
3. Life Abundant (Robert Redhead) 
Cornet Soloist: Robert Venables
4. Jesus Answers Prayer (Kenneth Downie)
5. Christ is All (William Himes) 
Euphonium Solo: Mark Hall
6. Quintessence (Robert Redhead)
7. Into the Future (Kenneth Downie)
8. Share my Yoke (Joy Webb arr. Ivor Bosanko) 
Cornet Soloist: Brindley Venables
9. Homeward Bound (Leidzen, arr. Norman Bearcroft) 
10. The Guardian (Peter Graham) 
Trombone Soloist: Barrington Venables
11. O Take me as I am (Ray Steadman-Allen)
12. Day of Freedom (Martin Cordner)



1. Intrada on Regent Square (arr Kenneth Downie)
2. My Jesus I love Thee (Norman Bearcroft)
3. Songs in the Heart (Erik Leidzen)
Cornet soloist: Robert Venables
4. In This Quiet Moment (Ivor Bosanko)
5. Days of Elijah (Ken Smith)
6. Songs of Exuberance (Leslie Condon)
Trombone soloist: Andrew Poirier
7. Above All (arr. Andrew Mackereth)
8. Lloyd (Bramwell Coles)
9. Redeemed (Stephen Bulla)
10. The Wonder of it all (Ken Smith)
11. Harbour Light (Norman Bearcroft)
Euphonium soloist: Mark Hall
12. Variations on Maccabeus (Kevin Norbury)
13. The Red Shield (Harry Goffin)
14. Amazing Grace (arr. William Himes)



1. Solidarity (Robert Redhead)
2. Song of Exultation (Norman Bearcroft)
Cornet soloist: Robert Venables
3. Heart of Worship (arr. Len Ballantine)
4. We Need Christ (Ivor Bosanko)
5. Rosehill (Albert Jakeway)
6. I Walked Today where Jesus Walked (arr Peter Graham)
Trombone soloist: Scott Patterson
7. The Golden Pen (Wilfred Heaton)
8. Shenendoah (Stephen Bulla)
Euphonium soloist: Michael Hetherington
9. King of Kings (Eric Ball) 
10. Let Nothing Disturb Thee (arr Glenn Barlow)